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Topic: Geotechnical design and analysis
Subject: Skempton and Bjerrum 3D Factor
Author: Alireza Sharifi Soltani 2015-06-15  
I appreciate your comments on the followings:

1- ice manual on shallow foundations, chapter 53- page 781 regarding Skempton and Bjerrum correction factor in 3D consolidation settlement states:

"As noted by Burland et al. (1977), this method is obsolete and does not improve reliability of predictions".

Whilst in many references such as: "Fundamentals of geotechnical engineering, Das, 2012", this method is still presented and discussed.

2- In most of the worked examples I have seen, the said factor is applied to the settlements calculated by mv factor and not by compression index (Cc), whilst mv and Cc are two factors but from the same laboratory consolidation readings. What is the reason?

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