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Three membership levels are available, Basic, Premium and Gold Member.

Basic [Join]

The Basic Membership is free and includes:

  • Event account, enabling a designated contact person to publish and update the presentation from the member area
  • Posting of contact information of the event organiser, including e-mail, address etc.
  • Date and geographic information about the event
  • Link to a website
  • Possibility to display logotype
  • Brief text presenting the event

Registration fee: free

Premium Member [Join]

Premium Membership gives extensive exposure in, which includes:

  • All features of the Basic Membership
  • Extensive exposure in the Geo Event Guide
  • Presentation in the Geoforum Newsletter
  • Publish one full webpage in the Geo Event Guide
  • Index the Event using technical keywords of Geoforum database

Registration fee: 590 EURO per year or 60 EURO per month

Gold Member [Join]

The Gold Membership gives event organisers maximum exposure at and includes:

  • All features of the Premium membership
  • Maximum exposure in the Geo Event Guide
  • Prioritised exposure in the Geoforum Newsletter
  • Frequent presentation on the start page of
  • Up to fifteen full web pages in the Geo Event Guide
  • Event News displayed at the start page of the Geo Event Guide.

Registration fee: 1 900 EURO per year or 200 EURO per month - the complete communication platform!
If you need a complete Internet solution for you event, consider the Webforum Event Platform. is an affordable, yet powerful alternative, where you can communicate on a protected area on the Internet. Create your own event website without programming knowledge and combine it with a password-protected communication area. You can set up and operate the Event Platform in different languages!

Read more about this efficient application and see examples of actual cases, at

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