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The Geo Organisations Guide is a new service at The aim is to facilitate contact with professional organisations which are active in the geotechnical area.
Registered organisations can present their main activities as well as a listing of committees with direct links to the respective sections of the organisation homepage.
The Guide to Geo Organisations is linked with other parts of, such as the Geo Directory and the Geo Market Guide. A listing of members and companies registered in the Geo Directory and the Geo Market Guide can be obtained conveniently.
Another useful service for participating organisation is the possibility to post news.

Currently, the following Geo Organisations are members of the Geo Organisations:


The International Society of ISSMGE Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) promotes the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in the field of geotechnics and its engineering and environmental applications.
Swedish Geotechnical Society (SGF)   Swedish Geotechnical Society (SGF)
The objectives of the Swedish Geotechnical Society (SGF) are to promote and stimulate development of all aspects of soil mechanics and foundation engineering.
Swedish Commission on Pile Research   Swedish Commission on Pile Research
The work of the Commission on Pile Research constitutes a central part of the research in the field of piling in Sweden.
European Federation of Foundation Contractors (EFFC)   European Federation of Foundation Contractors (EFFC)
To promote the common interests of Members of the Federation, to improve standards of workmanship and to maintain high standards of technical competence, safety and innovation.
Deep Foundations Institute (DFI)   Deep Foundations Institute (DFI)
DFI can best be described as being a technical association of firms and individuals in the deep foundations and related industry. DFI covers the gamut of deep foundation construction and earth retention systems.

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