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Ground Improvement
Ground Improvement price SEK 150 (approx. USD 19)
by Prof Sven Hansbo

The book Ground Improvement is a revised and extended version of the chapter Soil Improvement included in the textbook Foundation Engineering published by Elsevier in 1994.
The author of this book has quite a long experience as consultant and expert in geotechnical engineering.
Fundamentals of Geotechnology
Fundamentals of Geotechnology price SEK 190 (approx. USD 25)
by Prof Sven Hansbo

Basic knowledge of the physical and mechanical concepts of soil is of great importance or the understanding and the solution of geotechnical problems. In this textbook particular stress is laid on the soil characteristics, which are of major importance in this respect. The geological background, important as it is, is only included to the extent required for the coherency of the presentation.

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