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About eBooks can offer - in partnership with the company eLib - the latest in e-publishing solutions.

Today, almost all information is available in electronic format. Geoforum uses the latest e-publishing technology to create electronic publications, which can be downloaded from the Internet. E-publishing is specially suited for technical and business information, such as handbooks, texts, membership directories, course notes and conference proceedings.

Geoforum has developed, in cooperation with eLib, a comprehensive solution for preparing, editing and publishing text and images or drawings in electronic format. An eBook has many useful functions, which become particularly important when accessed on the Internet:

• text
• images
• sound
• links to web sites
• search functions
• dictionary and glossary
• personal settings and adapted display

Downloading from the Internet
An important advantage of eBooks is that they can be downloaded from the Internet directly into a PC or handheld computer. All transactions are monitored and registered in a database, which creates an important link between the reader and the publisher and/or author. It is thus easy to establish and maintain contact with readers, to distribute updates or inform about related information. E-publications can be provided with advertisements or other supplementary information.

Graphical interface of an eBook.

The transaction (downloading) is encrypted and access to the contents can be restricted by the publisher according to different alternatives:

• number of copies that can be downloaded
• loan function (with time limit)
• full copy protection
• printing restriction

The Advantages of eBooks
High Capacity. A handheld computer can store many e-books, on a conventional PC several hundred copies!

Mobility. You can take along all publications on your portable computer or handheld computer. Publications can also be downloaded, wherever you have access to the Internet.

Find needed information. eBooks offer completely new possibilities to quickly find information thanks to powerful search functions. In addition, it is possible to link from the eBook to other information sources on the Internet - an indispensable tool for all professionals!

Commenting. It is possible to include in an e-publication your own comments, underline or emphasise text or make drawings, which help you and other readers.

Change Text Size. The font of an e-publication can be adjusted to specific requirements, for instance to accommodate reading for people with weak sight.

Printing. Print just those pages of a book which you need at a given time. Avoid carrying heavy books or conference proceedings with you.

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