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Joining the Geo Market Guide

The Geo Market Guide is the optimal way to reach all categories of the geo-industry: practicing engineers and researchers, administrators and suppliers, teachers and students. Information can be accessed in different languages. The registration cost is less than for an advertisement in a journal, while giving you optimal exposure. In addition, you become a sponsor of the international geotechnical society, ISSMGE and support in this way your national society.

All information can easily be published and updated from a password-protected member area directly on the Internet. Business activities, products and case histories can be submitted on-line, using predefined forms. In addition, the geotechnical activities of companies can be indexed in the competence database of Geoforum.

By registering your products and services, projects and other activities in the searchable database of the Geo Market Guide, information about your company becomes accessible to potential customers and clients, in your region but at the same time world-wide.

To join the Geo Market Guide, fill in the form on the following page 


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