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Råsundavägen 2, 169 83, Solna, Sweden
Tel: + 46 8 504 350 00 Fax: + 46 8 755 63 17
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Company Profile

"In the field of foundations and in soil mechanics, success depends on practical experience more than in any other technical area. "


Stabilator's foundation division has all the resources required to undertake foundation engineering, implementing today's standards of design and quality assurance. As a result of continuous development work, we are now Sweden's leading specialist in:

* piling and sheet pile driving

* bored foundations

* ground and soil reinforcement

* geotechnically active design

Experience shows that we are at our best when we are working on all-inclusive programmes for a foundation project. In other words, planning, constructing and following up, all assembled to form a complete package. Anyone engaging us, will have at their disposal the most in-depth experience and the best technology that any foundation contractor can offer.

A typical characteristic of foundation engineering is that comprehensive temporary structures are often required. When we can be involved in a pro-ject at an early stage, we can offer our customers all the benefits that our experience and know-how bestow.

Stabilator's foundation division has the most adaptive and proven solutions for every foundation requirement. For example, our system for ground reinforcement minimizes noise, vibration and the risk of unexpected problems.

Quality assurance and quality control routines are of particular importance since the majority of our products are intended to be used below ground - where no-one can see them. Therefore, we have carefully and thoroughly developed a quality system, complying with ISO 9000, for each of our foundation systems.
Thus, we can provide our customers with high standards of quality and, at the same time, improve our products continuously. Piles, splices and rock shoes are manufactured in our own factories which are the most modern in the country.
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» Drilled steel core piles
» Drilled pile walls
» Drilled anchors
» Lime Cement Columns
» Foundation reinforcement
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» BART Extension to SFO San Francisco, CA
» Lime/cement columns - Lake Mälaren Railway Project, Bro, Sweden
» Salt Lake City, Utah - Lime/cement columns used in the reconstruction of the 115 highway


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