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Rocscience Inc.
31 Balsam Avenue, M4E 3B5, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tel: + 416-698-8217 Fax: + 416-698-0908
E-mail: Website:
Rocscience - Software Tools for Rock and Soil

Rocscience Inc. creates geotechnical software for rock and soil. We specialize in 2D and 3D analysis and design programs for civil engineering and mining applications. Recommended by experts in the field, our high quality, easy-to-use Windows-based programs can speed up design projects such as underground powerhouses, tunnels, mine stopes and rock and soil slopes. Our software allows users to quickly and accurately analyze surface and underground structures in rock and soil, thereby improving safety and reducing the cost of design projects.

Rocscience understands the challenges engineers face because we're engineers too. Our seasoned team of engineers, developers and programmers all have advanced degrees in a variety of geotechnical specialties and years of field experience. We've created our software based on leading edge research to help you get your projects done quickly and accurately.

Doing business with us is as easy as using our software. Your Rocscience software orders are filled promptly, and if you ever require assistance, we offer free technical support provided by the senior engineer-developers who wrote our programs. All our products are backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.
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