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LANDPAC Ground Engineering Ltd LANDPAC Ground Engineering Ltd
Talbot House, 204-226 Imperial Drive, HA2 7HH, Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom
Tel: + 44 2084291619 Fax: + 44 2084298797
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LANDPAC Services
High-energy impact compaction (HEIC) is a procedure of compacting marginal materials in-place without the need for removal. The HEIC application is used to improve the engineering properties of in-place soils at depth (2-5m), both above and below the groundwater level. Soil strength is increased, and compressibility and settlements are decreased as a result of the densification process. The primary objective of HEIC is to change a heterogeneous soil into one that has more uniform and stronger engineering properties. The Continuous Impact Response (CIR) mapping system is a specialised technique for recording real time soil response prior to, during and subsequent to HEIC. LANDPAC devised the CIR system to provide quality control, once interpolated against known soil test data. LANDPAC believes that this unique verification CIR system will enhance the speed of in-situ ground improvement projects.
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