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Geocomp Corp. Geocomp Corp.
1145 Massachusetts Avenue, 01719, Boxborough, MA, United States
Tel: + 978 635 0012 Fax: + 978 635 0266
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GeoLab News
Building better technology for the geotechnical community: Welcome to the first issue of GeoLab, a periodic e-newsletter from the geotechnical-engineering experts at Geocomp Lab Systems. You probably know us for our automated soil-testing equipment - for more than 20 years we've been a leading supplier of state-of-the-art geotechnical lab systems used in industry, research, and academia. But our relationship with many of our customers goes much beyond that. They turn to us as a partner and resource to help select the optimal equipment and techniques to solve their geotechnical challenges. We hope you will do the same. Our aim with GeoLab is to keep you up to date with news you can use - Geocomp product updates, case studies, and testing tips - as well as the very latest in industry trends and information. Please keep in touch. Let us know what you find useful, and what else you'd like to see.
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