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Cofra Cofra
Zuider Ydyk 58, 94900, 1090GX, Amsterdam, Netherlands, The
Tel: + (31) (20) 6934596 Fax: + + (31) (20) 6941457
E-mail: Website:
Contact person: Nico Cortlever
Company Profile

For decades Cofra is specialised in the use of plastics for civil engineering. The company has specifically concentrated on methods of soil improvement for the construction of infrastructure projects, the protection of concrete constructions and the use of liners for the isolation of existing and newly constructed landfills.
Through the execution of these projects Cofra has developed advanced installation techniques and equipment which are operated by qualified personnel. Clients all over the world in the execution of major infrastructure and environmental projects, profit fro the experience Cofra has gained in the application of geosynthetics. In more than 40 countries worldwide Cofra works together with local companies on projects that require Cofra's special expertise in the area of geosynthetics. The
products and equipment that have been developed by Cofra in conjunction with Geotechnics are patented and internationally protected. Currently a quality control system that complies with ISO 9001 is being applied to the development and the installation processes. In addition to this Cofra has obtained the process- and safety certificates required for the application of plastic liners and uses only products that comply with the required standards.
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