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GEM Advanced Magnetometers
52 West Beaver Creek Road, Suite 14, L4B 1L9, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Tel: + 905-764-8008 Fax: +
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Student Essay Awards in Magnetics
A group of earth science companies recently announced an essay award program in magnetics for students enrolled in post-secondary institutions as of October 1, 2003. The program is intended to support the next generation of geoscience professionals through financial awards and access to professional magnetic software. It also focuses on magnetic methods as one of the key geophysical methods for addressing today’s earth science challenges in a variety of disciplines. The sponsors encourage any students or teaching professionals who are interested to access full program and contact information at There is also a flyer available for print out and posting on notice boards in academic institutions at Award recipients and their essays will also be posted on participating companies’ web sites following the judging process.
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» Student Essay Awards in Magnetics

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